Analytics: Prepaid’s Secret Sauce

For a company looking to create cost-efficient, targeted marketing campaigns, the statistics derived from the use of a prepaid card is invaluable.  In a consumer promotion, the company offering the reward can easily create the profile of their buyer through the card activation process.  In order to make the card spendable, the cardholder reveals critical demographic data.  Once they begin to utilize the card, the spend data accumulated, clearly outlines where and when the money was spent.  The power occurs when combining the demographic data with the spend information.  The solution created is a decision support system that can be immediately levered against future marketing efforts.  The output suggests:

  • What customers are ready for cross-selling/up-selling offers. 
  • What customers are vulnerable to a competitor and could attrite. 
  • How to improve responses to promotions thereby improving ROI. 
  • When is the best time to message the customer. 

Companies like Clear Peak in Englewood, Colorado, lever the data and create predictive modeling tools that provide immediate insight into a business and its customers.  A sustainable competitive advantage is created when a business captures the knowledge, then utilizes it to convert prospects to customers while protecting their client base from intrusion.  

Prepaid, combined with deep and relevant analytics, delivers this edge. 

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