Create Behavior Changing Impact

Through innovative and targeted campaigns, professional marketers create immediate demand from their intended audience.    Appropriate and timely messaging, in conjunction with some type motivator (rebate), can turn apathetic prospects into energetic buyers. 

Many times however, there is an unavoidable lag between the demand creation and the actionable next step….the purchase.  Through the utilization of a defined online strategy, marketers are able to minimize the time between consumer interest and execution.  

Marketers who employ an effective eCurrency (a virtual prepaid Visa or MasterCard) strategy are able to:

  • Immediately and seamlessly reward the consumer for following the indented buying behavior. 
  • Steer the audience to a predefined purchase. 
  • Strengthen brand equity at the consumer and product level.
  • Manage costs by moving to an electronic form of payment (eliminating paper and plastic).

In addition to these business benefits, the consumer experience has evolved at the transaction level.  The recipient is now able to add dollars (via a credit card) to their virtual Visa/MasterCard so they can perform online purchases with ease.  The economics and empirical data suggest that professional marketers should consider adding an eCurrency option to their available toolkit.

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