Put the Odds in Your Favor – Prepare Effectively

Pheasants Forever
Pheasants Forever

Despite the dismal forecast, I am eagerly awaiting opening day of the 2012 – 2013 Colorado pheasant season.  If the notion that preparation is the key to success, then spending the requisite time planning my first two days in the field is critical to flawless execution.  To that point, the following is my upland hunting checklist:

Core Equipment

  • Shotgun (if possible, bring a back up)
    • Beretta A400 XPLOR Light (12 gauge)
    • Beretta AL391 Urika 2 (12 gauge)
  • Shotgun shells
    • Prairie Storm FS Lead #5 (early season)
    • Prairie Storm FS Steel #4 (late season)
  • Shotgun choke
    • Trulock Precision Hunter (Modified)
  • GPS
  • Multi-tool and/or knife
    • Leatherman Skeletool


  • Upland hunting vest, jacket and/or pack
    • Columbia Men’s Upland Freezer™ Long Sleeve Shirt
    • Cabela’s Activ-Lite™ Upland Jacket
    • Badlands Birdvest Pack
  • Jeans with chaps or upland hunting pants
    • Cabela’s Dry-Plus® Performance™ Upland Chaps
    • Orvis Pointer Brand Bibs
  • Warm hat
    • Under Armour Fleece Beanie
  • Long underwear
    • Under Armour Baselayer
  • Thermal socks
    • Smartwool® OTC Extra-Heavyweight Hunting Socks
  • Hunting boots
    • Danner Upland Hunter Covey Boots (10”)
    • Irish Setter DSS King Toe (10”)
  • Gloves
    • Columbia® Omni-Heat® Horicon Marsh™ Gloves

Dog Gear

  • Dog collar (training and Identification)
    • Sportdog FieldTrainer® 400
    • Cabela’s Identification Collar
  • Dog food
    • Purina ProPlan Performance Formula
  • Dog emergency kit (with EMT Gel)
    • Sporting Dog First Aid Kit
  • Dog treats
    • Zukes
  • Dog boots
    • Cabela’s Deluxe Hunting Booties
  • Energy boost tablets
    • Rehydrate by Rehydrate
  • Dog crate
    • Ruff Tough Large Kennel
  • Vehicle protection/dog bed
    • Mud River 2 Barrel Utility Mat
  • Super glue (split nails)
  • Dog water jug/bowl/bottle
  • Leash

Additional Equipment

  • Two way radio
    • Midland GXT1050VP4 36-Mile 50-Channel FRS/GMRS Two-Way Radio
  • Camera and/or video recorder
  • Small game license
  • Land map (current)
  • Cooler (ice, drinks, food, birds)
  • Batteries (GPS)
  • Duct tape (ensures dog booties stay on)
  • Flat tire filler
  • Head lamp (helps at dawn and dusk)
  • Trash bags (pack game, store trash)
  • Bungee cord/straps (keeps everything in the truck)
  • Cell phone/two way radio charge cords
  • Ice
  • Back up vehicle key (mounted via a magnet box outside of the truck)

May you limit out every time out this year.  If you don’t, savor the pursuit!


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