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Review: Orvis River Guard™ Easy-On Brogue Wading Boots

Last spring I decided to invest in a new pair of wading boots.  Like most fly fisherman, I want to do my part in mitigating the introduction and spread of aquatic invasive species.  I fish waters throughout Colorado and Wyoming, and I was told that the felt soles in my Cabela’s boots played host to these nasty diseases.  A 2007 study conducted at Montana State University on angler movement found that the average pair of wading boots sampled carried more than 16 grams of sediment.  The study estimated that in one year, angler boots moved more than 6,300 pounds of sediment between access sites in southwestern Montana and that nonresident anglers carried more than 1,600 pounds into Montana.

For about 4 months I examined the marketplace, looking for a boot that was rugged, sturdy and easy to get on and off.   I thoroughly evaluated boots by Simms, Patagonia, Cabela’s, Korkers and Chota.  It was the River Guard™ Easy-On Brogue that ended up on my feet.



Date Purchased

March 2010

Retail Price/Price Paid

$179.00/$154.00 (used a $25 Orvis coupon)

Manufacturer Description

The easiest on-and-off boot—now upgraded with EcoTraX™ rubber soles to help stem the spread of aquatic invasives. The Orvis-exclusive lug pattern with sharp leading edges gives better traction in the boot with legendary stability thanks to our hunting boot welt construction to minimize torsion and keep your ankles from rolling. They last a lot longer than competitive boots, too. All-synthetic construction resists shrinkage and expansion and wards off damage from rot, mildew, or sun. Support panels and main toe and heel made of rugged polyurethane. Recessed side-panel stitching prevents thread abrasion. Heavy-denier nylon uppers. Padded collar. Same durable zipper for easy on-and-off. PosiGrip™ Screw-In Studs included with each pair for better traction.


Who cares – the boots are generally under water or covered by my waders.  They could be hot pink as long as they were comfortable and kept me vertical.


  • Comfort: The boots are light weight but sturdy.  I have walked miles to my favorite spot and my feet are always fine.  No blisters or banged up toe nails which is a good thing.
  • Fit: I wear a size 11 shoe and usually wear Smartwool OTC Extra-Heavyweight Hunting Socks when I fish.  I purchased a size 11 River Guard™ Easy-On Brogues and the boots were true to size.
  • Access/Egress: I love the side zipper and Velcro closure.  After a long day of fishing (and walking), it is nice to bend down and simply unzip the boots.  Your foot exits as easy as it entered.  I give Orvis high marks for this design.
  • Traction: I have yet to wipe out during the last 18 months (10 trips and a lot of moss, grass, snow and ice beneath my feet).  The screw in studs in conjunction with the rubber sole, have kept me upright even during a spring trip to the North Platte when the river was flowing at 3200 CFS.  I do think that wary fish scatter after hearing the grind of the PosiGrip™ studs as they move over rocks.  That said I will gladly sacrifice a few fish in order to stay dry.


An extra pack of PosiGrip™ studs would be a nice addition.  Orvis sells a 20 pack of extra studs for $29.95.

Would I Buy it Again?

Absolutely.  I consider my Orvis River Guard™ Easy-On Brogue boots to be a great investment.   I expect them to last for years.  Orvis has fantastic customer service, so I know they will support their product if anything should happen to the boots.  Much thanks to Tucker Bamford and his crew at the Orvis store in Lone Tree, Colorado.