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Tegu: A New Toy, Inspired by a Child’s Imagination

Tegu Blocks

About 6 months ago I acquired a new and unique toy for our 5 and 3 year old boys.  The description of the toy intrigued me:

  • Tegu: 52 blocks in four shapes: Cubes, Long Planks, Short Planks, and Jumbo Planks. The blocks are made from hardwoods native to Honduras.  Magnetic connections between the blocks make for novel play that defies gravity and increases a child’s creative freedom.

Upon introducing the blocks to the boys, we emphasized the need to share and create together.  We spread the magnetic blocks on the living room floor, and observed their reaction from the kitchen.  The 5 year old dominated the set, and started building different structures.  Upon completion, he would bring his creation to us tell us what he had just constructed. Boats, houses, buildings, sharks and dinosaurs were just some of the objects he configured.  We also noticed that he would spend time rebuilding the same object in order to better represent its actual form.  

Our 3 year old boy would not spend as much time creating, but he still was intrigued with the way the wooden objects clung together.  This was his first experience with magnets, so they obviously captured his attention.   We concluded that the 3 year old needs more life experiences in order to take advantage of the magnetic blocks.

Tegu appears to be a rare company; they emphasize social responsibility and environmental conservation.   If you are in the market for an original toy for your children, check out the Tegu collection

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