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Amazing Customer Service continues…….

The Orvis Company
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I posted this question on LinkedIn earlier this week.

I have been using Orvis Mirage Fluorocarbon Tippet (4x, 5x, 6x) for 18 months without issue. I have landed some very big fish (25″) on utilizing this tippet. On a recent trip, I broke off 3 fish (at the knot, on 4x Mirage tippet) fishing wooly buggers. This has never happened to me before. If I lose a fish, it is because the hooked popped during the fight. After demonstrating the weakened tippet, Orvis offered to exchange the Mirage for MaxKnot (their premium tippet).

• Has anyone had this type of tippet issue? • Has anyone had issues with Mirage tippet specifically?

• Has anyone utilized the MaxKnot before?

• I tie an improved clinch knot from tippet to fly (is there a better knot).

I received fantastic and insightful responses from other fly fisherman.  The most telling feedback came from the Orvis Product Manager in charge of tippet and leader! I was amazed by his thoughtful concern, and willingness to help me work through the issue.  I have always heard about Orvis’ commitment to customer service excellence, but this was the first time I had ever experienced it.

I have decided stick with Orvis tippet, and look forward to testing out the MaxKnot product on my next fishing adventure.

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