The Business Benefit of Corporate Wellness Initiatives

Almost every American is aware of the significant health care crisis in our country. The problem is overwhelming; a third of all adults are considered obese, 33% more are considered overweight, 5% at the dangerously overweight level, diabetes rates are at an all time high and are increasing.  The majority of Americans lead a sedentary existence, while a significant number of people still smoke despite the obvious consequences.  The health care crisis has resulted in medical insurance premiums growing year over year at a double digit rate.  Companies are now forced to cut back on in-force benefit plans as well as pass increases onto their employees. 

Today, many companies are working with their brokers and insurance carriers on solutions that will help mitigate the annual health insurance increases.  One strategy that is succeeding is the institution of a corporate wellness initiative.  This process starts with the creation of an employee personal wellness profile after completing a detailed health risk assessment.   An individual can then choose self selected education for their own health risks and diet, as well as monitored diet and fitness programs.  There is also the ability to screen for high-risk individuals, and proactively approach them for direct lifestyle modification programs via wellness interventions.

In order to effectively impact positive change, employee involvement in a wellness program must be managed through the use of a corporate incentive plan.  The program must:

  • Offer a reward that motivates an employee to participate.    
  • Be simple to implement and administer.
  • Ensure that every participant who achieves a goal receives recognition. 
  • Promotes your worksite wellness program through branding and active communication (via text, email, IVR & web).

A reloadable MasterCard® or Visa® prepaid card is the easiest, most convenient method of rewarding employees for participating in a corporate wellness initiative.  It’s the perfect way to motivate employees to stay engaged with the a wellness program.

  • The program starts with the construction and customization of a company branded, reloadable prepaid card. 
  • Card designs, messaging, card carriers, inserts, letters, envelopes, and website pages are personalized to deliver tailored and precise communication to all participants.
  • Cards are delivered and include a definitive statement on how employees can earn monies on their card.
  • Additional dollars are dropped on the card as long as the employee meets certain program objectives.
  • Good habits are reinforced via immediate messaging on the card (text, email).

Company leaders must look to their insurance brokers, insurance carriers as well as wellness providers to affect positive change within their employee population.  Empirical evidence now suggests that companies that implement, and adhere to wellness best practices will see a dramatic drop is overall claims.  Companies like National Jewish Health and Staywell offer the statistical evidence that reveals that active participation in a wellness program leads to significantly reduced operating costs (medical claim & short-term disability) as well as an increase in presenteeism.  

On June 24th at 2 pm (EST), there will be a web seminar conducted by National Jewish Health and MasterCard.  The distinguished panel will share insights on the effective use of incentives to encourage broad participation in corporate wellness programs, resulting in significant financial savings.  Anyone interested in participating can contact me, and I will email them the online enrollment information. 

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